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The Ensuing Civil War in America

Who would have thought it conceivable, in our lifetime, that the threat of civil war in our country would be possible? In third world Africa or Asia, maybe. Or in the unstable Middle East. But in the greatest nation in the world?

Unfortunately, all the signs are here. A country divided, tempers on fire, social unrest. How did it all start? Who is to blame?

I remember how divided we were after the election of 2000, and George W. Bush barely won the presidency. His opponent, Al Gore, won popular vote, and there were issues in counting the votes in Florida, questioning whether Bush really won that state.

It was highly controversial, and the country was ripped in half. It’s when I first experienced family gatherings at Thanksgiving that were nearly unbearable to attend. It’s when I first experienced the arrogance of the left, poking fun at common folk and Grass Roots America, yet claiming they were the “tolerant” party.

It’s true that sometimes tragedy can bring people back together. The terrorist attack of September 11, 2001, did just that. George Bush’s popularity soared, and for a while he had all of America in the palms of his hands. Like many Americans, I thought that maybe, just maybe, we remembered why we were the United States.

This was short lived, however. Bush and his administration used the September 11 attacks to go to war in Iraq. It’s not what America wanted. It’s what Bush and his cronies wanted. And he added over $5 trillion to the national debt. He blew it.

I was surprised he won the second term, but once the campaigning started, it’s no surprise why he won. John Kerry was too unpopular with the baby boomers, because of his Anti-American sentiments during the Vietnam War. The swing voters stayed with Bush, and his margin was greater than the 2000 election.

This didn’t stop the hatred for Bush. The Bill Maher and Michael Moore types helped unite a leftist movement that made arrogance the norm and the liberal media came alive with spun news. Their new candidate, Barack Obama, and his “cling to guns or religion” statement brought out an honesty of how the left really felt about Grass Roots America.

Obama goes on to raise the national debt by $8.5 trillion, but what angered most conservatives was his constant badmouthing of America and apologizing for who we are and what we believe. He compared our healthcare system, gun laws, and climate policy to that of other countries, especially Western Europe, creating a leftist, Anti-American ideology unlike anything this country has ever seen.

A complete generation has come to age since George W. Bush was first elected President. They were either babies or weren’t even born during the September 11 attacks, and now they’re at voting age. They’ve been educated, or indoctrinated, in liberal public schools and are now enrolled in leftist universities.

They’ve become adults during the age of reality TV, self-published books, and amateur YouTube sensations. Now anybody can be famous, or thinks they have what it takes to be famous. There are no parameters to talent or creativity. There are no barriers to how you get there. Just open an account and start publishing.

This mentality seeks ways to get attention. Victims of abuse take what they learned on 24-hour news–that all they have to do is create a public spectacle and SHAZAM, they’re famous. Constant media spectacle and sensationalism are mostly to blame for why people cry out in this way. How would kids know about school shootings if it wasn’t for the constant media coverage?

The new leftist ideology has taught them to not be responsible for their actions, but to blame others. Politicians play on the sensitivities of our youth. They create words and phrases to make them believe they’re on their side, when all they really want is their vote to gain political power. “We need to ban weapons of war!” And the uninformed now believe that an AR-15 is military weapon because of a made-up term.

The same goes for minorities and immigrants. Promises, most of them false, by the left, just to get their vote. But the hatred for conservatives, which is part of the ideology, keeps them from voting any other way.

In my home state of Missouri, the most crime, the most poverty, the most diversity, exists in two places: St. Louis and Kansas City. Both are governed and controlled by democratic administrations and policies, which have failed in every way to keep the promises they make to their purported constituents.

Capitalism is now the enemy, when capitalism is responsible for the greatness of our country. Billionaires are scum and it’s not fair that they have more than others. And it’s funny just how many billionaires, i.e. Bill Gates, Mark Cuban, Warren Buffet, or the infamous Michael Bloomberg, are liberals, and key contributors to leftist policy.

The liberal billionaires have the leftists under their spell, and no one can convince them it’s all about money. There’s a saying that when it comes to politics, the rich get richer. It’s true. But it’s also true that many enter politics not to be a public servant, but to get their hands in your wallet for the sake of themselves and their friends.

If you’re lucky enough not to be under their spell, you’ll know that $90 trillion for the climate crisis is all about creating a figure so astronomical that after a while $10 trillion doesn’t sound so bad. Trillions in the pockets of people who helped with the campaigns, setting up companies with big salaries, to fight climate change.

Yeah, right.

This short history is how our civil unrest started. Who is to blame?

In a sense, we all are. People in a free society should not be forced, under duress, to surrender to political correctness, to not hold people accountable for their actions, or allow people to step all over and misinterpret our constitution for political gain.

We’ve all been duped over the years. The corrupt establishment of our government are people we elected to office. Democrats AND Republicans. They are there, on our behalf, taking our tax dollars and thumbing their noses at the American people.

Power is like an addictive drug. Once they have it and realize how they can use it to their benefit, they can’t let go. Very few, if any, of our civil servants are there to be civil servants. They are career politicians, there to get rich and famous on our behalf, without consequences for wrongdoing.

This is partly why Donald Trump was elected president: to take on the establishment. Though in the beginning not all of us truly believed it–because it seemed more like a flowery campaign promise than something that could actually be done–but, he set out to do what he promised, and he is paying dearly for it.

The establishment knew this before most of us did, which is why the coup d’état started before Trump was even inaugurated. The leftist media on their side, they set out to destroy the image of this president by stirring up the left wingers, creating a hatred for a president nothing like this country has ever seen.

We still have the power of “We the People” and if we don’t step back and take a better, more honest look at what is happening in this country, we will lose it. The Twitter type harping, vicious attacks and juvenile slams won’t get us there.

Slamming and bullying someone is easy. Our tempers can get the best of us and bring out the worst in us. A stronger, better person can be bold without being rude or bitter.

What would Dr. Martin Luther King say of our country today? Reverend Billy Graham? Think about some of the wisest, most peace-loving people you’ve ever known and imagine what they would say. Or better yet, what would Jesus do?

We all know that two wrongs don’t make a right. We need to keep calm and be Americans. We the People need to do better.

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