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Partaking in the Deception

2 Corinthians 4: 1-3

Therefore, since through God’s mercy we have this ministry, we do not lose heart. 2 Rather, we have renounced secret and shameful ways; we do not use deception, nor do we distort the word of God. On the contrary, by setting forth the truth plainly we commend ourselves to everyone’s conscience in the sight of God. 3 And even if our gospel is veiled, it is veiled to those who are perishing. 4 The god of this age has blinded the minds of unbelievers, so that they cannot see the light of the gospel that displays the glory of Christ, who is the image of God.

In a time where we don’t know which news article to believe, we will still have the one source of truth that we can always turn to, and that is the Word of God. The god of this age has been deceiving people since that day in the Garden of Eden, when the serpent tempted Eve, and clever deception is alive and well in our world today with Biblical prophecy unfolding right before our very eyes.

Being a believer has brought peace and stability to our lives, but if there’s ever been a time in our lives to feel even better about being saved, this is definitely one of those times. Some have said that our country, more likely our world, is at a crossroads, but Christians have nothing more to do than keep believing, keep praying, and keep living our Godly life making decisions based on Christ’s love.

Father James Altman, Catholic Priest at St. James the Less in La Crosse, Wisconsin, as he referred to Liberal Democrats as “wolves in sheep’s clothing,” has explained precisely who is at the crossroads. Though some Democrats have rejected the movement of their party to the far left, the rise of Democratic Socialism and the infiltration of Communism into the party, and into the minds of younger generations, has not been rejected enough. As Fr. Altman explained, if they truly are Christians then there is no way they can consciously support the Democrat Party.

The most effective tool of the god of this age is social media. Facebook (who also owns Instagram) and Twitter, have taken over not only the news media, but also as the go to source for entertainment. The focus on “me” and not God and others is paramount in this world where everyone is a journalist, a writer, an expert, a model, a celebrity, an entertainer. The 2018 documentary, Social Media Apocalypse, examines the negative effects, if not the downright evil agenda, behind the operation and growth of Facebook and Twitter.

Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Facebook, is considered by Forbes to be the 13th most powerful person in the world. More powerful than many world leaders, Fortune 500 CEOs, and members of the World Bank. The worst part of that power is his protection by our own government to violate the First Amendment of our Constitution and the protection of our privacy.

This protection allows Facebook, with the help of Google and Apple, to have control over our cell phones, with preinstalled apps that can’t be removed, and by mere acceptance of their “terms and conditions” allow access to everything you have. They know everything you do and where you are, day and night, and you gave them permission to do so simply by activating their app. The lure, especially among younger generations, to gain attention to themselves, is too tempting to not be a part of it, not knowing what they’re giving up doing so. They’ve never been taught the importance of our right to privacy and the risk of what could happen if it fell into the wrong hands.

Well, it has fallen into the wrong hands.

Over the past 60 years life has been fairly good in America so we’ve given very little attention to the corruption in our government (not just federal) and the corroboration with world governments. The irony is that social media, whether it be via fact or malicious propaganda, has brought attention to how “in plain sight” our government leaders have abused their power for personal gain. Though Donald Trump, in his crass, braggadocios manner, may have seemed like the most unlikely of candidates to take on the enemy within, he has proven to be the man for the job.

Though some argue of what might be the most jaw-dropping of moments in our recent history that brought the corruption and taxpayer abuse out into the open, few will argue that the post 9-11 policies, especially the Iraq War (military-industrial complex) and the Patriot Act, are at the top of the list. It made it easy for Democrats to say, “see, I told you so,” and Republicans to realize that America needs an enema and no one in either party would step up to do so.

A few people caught on to Donald Trump’s agenda when he ran against Romney for the nomination prior to the 2012 election, but because of his “personality” he didn’t fit the norm of what Americans were used to. It took another four years of Obama and his anti-American and globalist policies to make more American’s realize that maybe we needed to step outside of the norm.

It also took a completely unlikable candidate, who has a lot of history in the Washington establishment (part of the problem) to make Donald Trump the lesser of two evils. He beat Hillary Clinton because Republicans and Independent’s alike were not going to go down that road again. The common phrase, “I held my nose and voted for Trump,” will go down in history as the reason why Hillary lost rather than why Trump won.

After Trump took office, the most surprised were not the Hillary Clinton supporters, but the raised eyebrows of the ones who held their nose. From inauguration to today, no American President has had to go through the gauntlet of malicious attacks as Donald J. Trump. Some call it a coup, some call it a civil war, but whatever it is, Trump, regardless of his “personality” and how it fuels his ego, has stood strong for America, it’s foundation, it’s tradition, and it’s future.

Never before has the “in plain sight” corruption of the government establishment, and the relationship with globalist interests been so obvious. Trump, being for “We the People,” has brought the establishment of both parties out of the woodwork to stop him “at all costs.” They are using the Rules for Radicals playbook to rally the Trump haters, to fund and support unrest in our cities, all in the name of social justice and passing the blame to Trump.

Several social media websites have popped up to counter the suppression of conservative and Christian voices experienced on Facebook and Twitter, one of them being MeWe, which was founded by Mark Weinstein, whose Tedx Talks video, “The Rise of Surveillance Capitalism,” helped pioneer the movement away from social media platforms that defy everything we are about as Americans. Weinstein said, “Everything we do – morning, day, and night – is tracked, analyzed, and monetized.

MeWe is a social media platform where the “silent majority” has found a voice. Some not being so silent about their intentions, however, should Democrats continue this road of trying to remove Trump from office “at any cost.” One particular post on a Trump fan group, linked to an American Thinker article, certainly raised eyebrows even more, and probably those of the FBI. This Trump supporter, who posted anonymously as “Biden’s AR-14,” obviously part of a militia group, expressed his intentions of just how thin his patience, and the patience of others, has become:

“Dear Democrats,

The day of judgement is coming. It is time for you to decide if you are going to side with the coup or side with America. We elected President Trump to take on the establishment and leaders of both parties with globalist interests who have shown where their loyalty resides. Are you with them or are you with us? It is time for you to make a decision which side you are on. The far left has taken control of your party. They have made it clear that on November 3 they will not accept a Trump victory. Let us help you with your decision of which side you want to take. We did not draw first blood. The far left has been drawing blood by manipulating and politicizing events, such as Covid-19 and the death of George Floyd and others, bringing our country’s economy to its knees, organizing chaos in our cities, inciting violence, and causing more innocent death. Though some on the right have taken part in the protests, the majority of us have sit back and allowed our President to make the moves. We have watched and listened to the corrupt media turn all the actions of the left into the fault of the right. The election is when all of this comes to a head and we will no longer be silent. We will not be aggressors because the aggression by the far left has already taken place. We want to be clear, if the left stalls this election because they cannot accept a Trump victory, we will counter this aggression with a defense like a firestorm. We have half a million armed men and women spread out in every state of the union ready to take to the streets and take back our country. Portland, Oregon, Seattle, Washington, New York, New York, Los Angeles, California, Chicago, Illinois, Louisville, Kentucky, and other cities of notable unrest, will face the wrath of American Patriots who will no longer be silent. Good men and women will have to do bad things to get our country back. Violent street protesters, paid or not, will be given the opportunity, and are warned now, to stand down. If they do not, they will be stopped by all means necessary. Politicians who have allowed this violence to take place and taken part it the manipulation will be treated with no less vigor, as they are more responsible for the chaos and hatred for our country than the ones acting in the streets. Leftist leaders like Ted Wheeler, Letitia James, Gavin Newsome, Bill de Blasio, Lori Lightfoot, Kim Gardner, and others like them will be held accountable. Now is the time, Democrats, to decide whether you support this far left hypocrisy and insanity, or whether you are going to take a stand now and denounce the at all cost movement to deny the American people a fair election and the president of their choice. You don’t have 40 days to act, you have to act now. This is your moment of diplomacy and if you do not act now and the status quo movement to stall an election takes place, the silent majority no longer will stand down, it will be a response to months of aggression by the far left and a declaration of war. Be assured, we are ready.”

As bold as this letter is, it definitely defines who precisely is at the crossroads: Democrats. It’s no surprise to me that it has come to this. The thread on this post was filled with vigorous support, yet it was encouraging to see just how many said, in various responses, how the last thing they wanted was a bloody civil war, but that the Democrats, not the far left, have asked for this, by not denouncing their actions.

I am praying that it doesn’t come to this. I am praying that Trump wins in large enough numbers that disputing the election will be nearly impossible. Could it be, that if it comes down to a Supreme Court decision, that a new Trump appointment may be the tie breaker? Miracles and blessings come in many forms. I am praying for God’s will on November 3. I am praying for a victory over the god of this age.

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