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New Generation of Anti-Semitism

It’s almost unfathomable that anyone in our Judeo-Christian society would believe that the Holocaust didn't happen. We would expect it from the radical Muslims and their centuries old religious feuds, who hate Jews and want to destroy Israel, but from Americans?

Since I’ve started noticing this, I’ve tried to figure out where it’s coming from. Most of the social media posts I see are millennials or younger. Though there are well-known Anti-Semites in the older generations, their discourse is not what is followed.

For example, Nick Fuentes, who, to the best of my knowledge, is a Millennial white nationalist who has a YouTube channel, and also popular on Twitter, and very well known for his Anti-Semitic rants. If anything, he’s a member of the alt-right.

The most confusing part is, however, why is he so popular and supported by the alt-left?

A while back, on Twitter, Fuentes, a Holocaust denier, made a post comparing the extermination of Jews to baking cookies. He was using it as some sort of a mathematical test, using time, the number of camps, the number of ovens and smoke stacks, compared to the number of Jews “allegedly” killed, and to the conclusion that it was not mathematically possible.

Yeah. But just like the far left presidential candidates, who spout of extraordinarily ridiculous socialist if not communist ideas, their rants don’t bother me near as much as the people who support them.

Anyone, including me, who made a comment about how appalled we were at his juvenile commentary, were barraged by alt-left supporters. It’s like we are living in a funk.

I asked several people their opinion on why this is happening. I received various theories, from the idea that they’re anti-Ben Shapiro or Dennis Prager (Jewish Conservatives) to the idea that they are afraid of the radical Muslims who shout out anti-Israel rhetoric and death to America.

This all very well may be, but there is no doubt in my mind that, first and foremost, it’s indoctrination, and it’s very, very dangerous.

For years the left has labeled conservatives as racist. And, for years, most of us just shrugged it off, because, for one, we know it isn’t true, and secondly, we know why they say it. Conservatives have always been considered right wing, and white supremacists the “alt-right.”

There are also the claims that Social Conservatives, or more specifically Evangelical Conservatives, discriminate against the LGBTQ communities, by being non-supportive based on religious beliefs. Though this can be easily proven, being non-supportive is a far cry from how the religion of Islam oppresses, openly and at times violently, both women and LGBTQ groups.

Just like mainstream conservatives, mainstream liberals—the more traditional or moderate—avoid any identification to the alt-left. Same goes for us. I believe groups like ANTIFA and the Neo-Nazis are one in the same. Draw a circle from right to left, when you finish the points touch. That’s what we have here.

Folks on the left like to argue that the Neo-Nazis have more of a history than ANTIFA, which includes violence and murder, that is certainly true on a group by group comparison, however, the ideologies where each are based are as old as the hills, and violence and oppression follow them both.

When Obama became president conservatives learned just how far left he really was. But, disagreeing with his policies was not acceptable or you were called a racist. That is where it really started. The left felt they were winning by shutting you down with that quick interjection. Twitter came alive with these face slapping claims, and started a fire. It’s truly when the social civil war started.

Now if you disagree with AOC, or George Soros, you get the same response from the leftist. You hate Latinos or asylum seekers if you disagree with AOC (my Mexican wife laughs at this one), or if you disagree with George Soros, you’re an Anti-Semite.

Wait a minute. What? The same people who cheer on Nick Fuentes are calling me an Anti-Semite? All I did was disagree with a policy.

Yeah, I know.

I had a conversation going with a leftist Never-Trumper, who was commenting on one of my posts, and he called me a liar when I mentioned that the Democratic presidential candidates didn't believe in the US Constitution. He called me a hack writer, a plethora of other things, and that I had no proof. So, this “hack writer” gave him proof.

Guess what? He deleted all his comments. That thread now looks like I’m having a conversation with myself, albeit the little “This Tweet is unavailable” graphic where his comments used to be.

This social civil war that we’re in is minor to those who are not on Twitter. That social media platform could very well be the major cause of a majority of the divisiveness we are experiencing today. Yes, there is some on Facebook, too, but those are mild compared to Twitter threads. Like I said in a prior column, if Facebook is a political storm, Twitter is a category five hurricane.

When the man called me an Anti-Semite for disagreeing with George Soros, I asked him what I was when I disagreed with Donald Trump? He didn’t respond. All of his comments were ultimately deleted also. He finds a flaw in his argument and flees the scene.

Donald Trump will be forever known as the Tweeting President. It’s certainly an unorthodox method, compared to past presidents and how they communicated with constituents, but Trump is an unorthodox President, period!

Though Twitter was already on fire before Trump became President, he loves fanning the flames. He loves riling his base and the opposition, and as divisive as it is, alas, it seems to be working for him. The best analogy I’ve seen is a meme of Trump with a laser pointer, and a cat chasing the dot on the floor. On Trump is the word “Twitter.” On the cat is the word “DEMS.”

Texas Senator Ted Cruz made the comment that Donald Trump has broken the Democratic Party. If anything, he aroused all the inner demons of the alt-left, even pushing some of the more moderate Democrats, because they hate Trump so much, to side with anything that goes against him. Even if it’s Anti-Semitism.

To be enamored, or hate, any political candidate is extremely unhealthy. They are elected to represent us, not to be idolized. We can offer praise and support when due, but if they ever do anything that goes against our grain, it’s necessary to call them out on it.

I didn’t like many of Barack Obama’s policies, but I never hated him. This hatred for Trump is self-destructive. When the ideology becomes so polluted that hypocrisy and contradiction become the norm, then we have truly reached a breaking point.

We’re almost there. If Trump wins in 2020, what we are experiencing now is mild. In fact, it may be the turning point from a social civil war to an all-out assault on Grass Roots America.

Would love to know your thoughts.

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