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Leftist Ideology in our Schools, Media

Continued from last week...

You may have read in the news that the Trump Administration wants to designate Mexican drug cartels as terrorist organizations. If successful, this is a step in dealing with the greatest social challenge and commercially/politically corrupt situation our country faces.

When terrorists attack our country we hunt them down and kill them. I suppose they have a split second opportunity to surrender, but we all know that’s not going to happen. If we start hunting down drug traffickers, Osama bin Laden style, then it sends a powerful message that we mean business.

How many American civilian victims have Radical Muslim Extremists claimed, let’s say, in the past ten years? Opinions may vary on what motivated the actual attacks, but it’s fairly safe to say that less than 100 American Civilians have been killed in this time period.

Look now at the number of Americans killed by drug related violence or addiction, and the numbers are staggering. In the tens of thousands. Is that significant enough to warrant action? I think it is.

When Trump campaigned for the 2016 election, “Build the Wall” was a favorite chant during his rallies. It was a key component of his entire “Make America Great Again” campaign. He’s done everything within his power to live up to that promise.

I have a feeling that the 2020 campaign will be, in part, about dealing with Mexican cartels, just like “the wall” in the 2016 campaign. Trump has proven himself that he is not afraid to take on the establishment, even if it means connections to the most dangerous people on the planet.

The media won’t see it that way. Trumps reference to murderers and rapists coming across the border from Mexico offended so many Latinos here and abroad that their hatred, and fear, of him has fueled an all-out assault on Trump and the people who elected him.

The media leads the way and have been using it against Trump ever since. Remember, impeachment proceedings began way before he was even inaugurated. They knew he was a threat to their game, and playing on sensitivities has been their plan all along.

America’s number one problem may be drug trafficking, and all that goes along with it, but the most powerful tool that the left has, which aids the success of drug trafficking, is our liberal media. They are united under the political left to destroy all that has made us a great country.

They feed spun propaganda worse than ever before. Baiting headlines say it all, and the articles reveal nothing factual. But that doesn’t matter. All you have to do is hate Trump and you’ll believe it. The media is banking on that, and they have been cashing in.

The media has made all of our border security issues (which is not just the wall, but also ports of entry) a circus about Trump being racist, rather than trying to protect America. The left, which includes a large majority of Latinos, have bought into it.

Going after drug cartels will be spun even worse. The facts won’t be the news. Let’s say Navy Seals, Osama bin Laden style, raid fifty drug cartel mansions and kill a majority of the cartel leadership. Let’s say the cartels, like terrorists, kill women and children in the process to make it look like our soldiers did it.

Those lower in the hierarchy flee into the streets, go into hiding, and an urban war erupts, combined with American and Mexican forces, and civilians are killed in the process.

The headlines won’t read that we killed drug cartel leaders and traffickers, it will read that we killed women and children. Like before, Trump won’t care, he will carry on, because he knows, and even the people making the false reports know, it’s not the truth.

The other tool the left has is the indoctrination of our children. I have written before about how the youth vote in presidential elections has been trending blue ever since Obama was elected.

Leftist ideology, though prevalent in most American university campuses, is also a plague in our public school system. This is something we don’t need the news to report. Send your kid to school in a Trump T-shirt and see what happens.

Some of our more rural schools in red states won’t see this as a problem like large city schools. On a radio show, I think it was Mark Levin, a man from a Minneapolis suburb (where Ilhan Omar was elected) called in and said his daughter came home from the first day of kindergarten saying that only smart people voted for Hillary, and racists voted for Trump.

When asked how she learned that, the daughter said that her teacher told her. This should be illegal.

The youth, via emotions, are speaking out against gun violence, cruelty to animals, and bigotry. All good things to speak out against, right? But it’s not just gun violence, it’s the gun that is seen as the problem. It’s not cruelty to animals, but a negative focus on an entire industry of meat consumption and a conversion to vegetarianism. It’s not just bigotry, but encouraging gender identification among children, and grotesque twerking and sexual deviance as “acceptable.”

Though states vary in how sex education is taught, in Missouri there are classes that teach various subjects about the science and difference in the sexes as early as the fourth grade. Actual reproductive sex education and health related issues are taught from as early as the 7th grade to the freshman year of high school.

We do have a choice on how our children are educated. Home schooling has been around for decades now, and evolved into more than just a single home structure, but into home school communities. They base their curriculums and activities on like-minded beliefs, and allow their children to have a much needed social life.

Private schools, whether they are religious or curriculum based, also allow parents to be more selective on what their children learn during those impressionable years. There are numerous debates that one dogma is as bad as the other, but at least the parents have a choice.

Our public school systems should be teaching on a set of standards that prepare our children for the necessities of life–math, writing, reading, science–not one particular teacher’s or administrator’s social, religious, or political beliefs.

Parents have the ability and the right to protect their children from this sort of indoctrination, and if they don’t get involved and take action, the alternatives could be irreversible.

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