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2nd Amendment Rally

This coming Saturday, November 2, “Grass Roots America” will be gathering at the Capitol Building in Washington, DC, for a 2nd Amendment Rally. I’m hoping for an overwhelming turnout, and highly anticipating what will become of it.

There’s been a lot of protesting going on. The most recent that got my attention was an ANTIFA gig in Seattle which was in response to the killing of the long pursued ISIS leader. You would think, that in our country, there would be a celebration of victory, but no, the leftist groups deface American flags, fly Communist flags, and their crony media publishes tribute-like obituaries of the ISIS leader who cowardly blew himself up along with innocent children.

Another interesting part of the ANTIFA gathering in Seattle: there was no opposition present. We have to ask ourselves now, about the upcoming 2nd Amendment Rally, if the “opposition” will be there? I’m betting they will be, in SPADES. We’ll see.

I want to take this time to spread some brotherly love to my Conservative grassroots compatriots, as somewhat of a reminder of what makes us stand above the “opposition.”

Never forget the Sons of Liberty and how they responded to the British during our Declaration of Independence. Stand for liberty and don’t back down, but let them bring the fight to us. We never, EVER, throw the first punch or fire the first shot.

We’ve done real well so far. In fact, a couple weeks back, at a Trump Rally in Minneapolis, some leftist protestors attacked Trump supporters—very clearly defendable assaults—but they didn’t retaliate, even though they had a right to.

In this time of absurd leftist behavior, we have to keep our cool. Never stoop to their level. Be bold and brave, and if the time comes to defend our liberties, then make sure it’s the right move.

Last week Bill O’Reilly posted on Twitter that America is in a “social civil war.” Later that same day, in a radio interview, he went on to say that he doesn’t believe we will ever be in an actual physical civil war.

The 2nd Amendment Rally this weekend may prove or disprove this belief. A lot will depend on how we, the believers in our constitution and liberties, respond to the actions against us. If we “turn the other cheek” then Bill may be right. But if someone starts a brawl, I have no doubt that it won’t get bloody, and that protests will erupt all over the nation.

And it will continue on. Can we stop it from happening? I believe we can.

The key will be to let them be the only ones to do something stupid. Sometimes it’s easier to lose control and let anger get the best of us, but we can’t do that. Turning the other cheek is not cowardly, it’s called taking the high ground.

This includes how we act on social media. I know it’s fun to kid around, especially with our like-minded peers, but I think we need to be careful how far we go.

As far as getting snarky with the opposition, I’m as guilty at this as anyone else, especially on Twitter, but I’m trying to do better. I’m not talking about being soft, or being politically correct, on the contrary.

I see too many people getting in nasty quarrels over stuff they believe rather than stuff they know. Very few of us are insiders, and very few of us know anything other than what we hear or see or read through various media sources.

It’s easy to see who is swallowing the left or right media bait—hook, line and sinker. There are sources out there to get better info. For one, press conferences that aren’t edited from start to finish allow us to decide what was said, rather than the news media making clips and adding their spin.

Anti-Trump news is like an hourly drug for the left. They feed on it like crack cocaine. There’s nothing anyone can say to sway them from their “feelings.” Being rational is not part of the game. More than not they are condescending and have nothing substantial to offer.

The Trump supporters can be the same way, to a degree. They are diehard fans, with him to the end, and aren’t afraid to say so, no matter how harsh or offensive his Tweets can be. But when juxtaposed, the left are way more unsubstantial in their approach. In their eyes there is no balance of powers, just their way or no way.

We all know where that will lead, and we can’t let it get that far. It really is dependent on how we react to all that they try to do to break us.

Let’s hope that the 2nd Amendment Rally in DC shows the better side of Grass Roots America. If you’re going, go with God, and think about what’s at stake. Our Constitution is too important to play into the hands of the angry left.

Would love to know your thoughts.

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