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Everything is complete now. Of course she didn't show up, because she would have been detained by the sheriff if she did. Like I said before, if she is still in the United States, once she is found she will be detained. If she or Elisa ever tries to cross the border again or fly into the country, both will be detained by customs, Elisa will be arrested and charged, and Linda will be at a minimum detained for questioning. If Linda indicates she was complicit in any of Elisa's activities, then Linda will also be arrested and charged. Because Elisa is so evil minded, I am sure she used Lety or someone in her circle to make sure there was minimal communication, but little do they know that they have a rat in their family that has went on the record and confirmed everything. I'll never forget the day the sheriff's detevtive came to my house and told me what Elisa had done. It is all very sad. If someone doesn't want to be with me anymore then no problem. I was ready to split everything with Linda, because she legitimately worked hard and earned her part of this property. But to be so greedy and want it all? She certainly lost in the end, and let her daughter lead her down this evil path. And I am happy now and moving forward with a positive outlook on life.

Here is a quote that someone sent me. They didn't know who wrote it, but it definitely describes Linda very well. 

"Hay un tipo de narcisismo femenino que necesita ser puesto en primer plano. Es el tipo de mujer que piensa que literalmente no puede hacer nada malo. Ella es la que afirma que está en un viaje de curación, pero no va a terapia, o si va a terapia, está manipulando al terapeuta para que crea que ella es la víctima. Ella no toma en cuenta ninguna parte de lo que ha hecho para obtener la reacción de la persona que está reclamando como el abusador. Y en cualquier momento hay un intento de hacerla responsable de lo que ha hecho que estuvo mal, te va a odiar. Ella va a estar muy molesta contigo y te va a hacer sentir mal por ello. Ella te va a avergonzar y culpar, y va a desviar esa responsabilidad de una manera que te ponga en un lugar en el que estás equivocado. Si intentan usar su vulnerabilidad, solo la usan para hacer que las personas crean que son la víctima. Estas hembras son peligrosas sin importar cuán dulces parezcan.  La mujer narcisista es tan peligrosa como su contraparte masculina y, sin embargo, está protegida por los estereotipos prevalecientes de la "madre materna"."
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